No Eye No Problem To Jesus!

Ronald Coyne has an incredible true story…he can see… even though he STILL HAS A PLASTIC EYE after Jesus healed him more than 20 years ago! Jesus left the false plastic eye in to PROVE to you He is alive and still willing and able to heal TODAY!

Watch it all because Ronald even takes his eye OUT live on screen so you can see the truth yourself…

If you want prayer for healing please get in touch with us.

Perhaps you face blindness, deafness, cancer or any other illness, (it does not matter what the severity) please call us at any time (24/7) and we will pray for you, so that Jesus can heal you. We cannot heal you, but Jesus can, and we have know of many people who have received miracles just like Lin above.

LEGAL NOTE: This is not a promise that you will be healed – you may NOT be. Of course, healing is in GOD’s hands, and there may be contributing factors as to why or why not people are healed, that is nothing to do with the people who pray for someone’s healing. However, we DO know that GOD heals people and we know of many who have been healed and we are very confident GOD hears and answers prayer, when we pray, so GO AHEAD and call us…after all what have you to lose?